Radioactive Exit Sign Mail-Back Kit up to 10 Sign Faces (Return kit and shipping only)


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**Please note this item is for the return kit and shipping only.  Recycling services are sold separately.**

Tritium Exit Sign Mail-Back Kit: This unique mail-back kit is cost efficient and matches your schedule.  No more waiting on a truck.  It’s easy to use and comes with detailed instructions and DOT function specific training tailored for the shipment of this particular kit.  The radioactive (tritium/H-3) exit sign recycling kit includes an outer 15” x 15” x 12” adjustable fiber box, inner liner, cushioning, packaging instructions, DOT markings, DOT function specific training and acknowledgement, prepaid UPS ground shipping both ways and NRC transfer notification instructions.

The kit is designed to qualify as a DOT strong tight package for shipping as: UN2911, Radioactive materials – excepted package, articles, 7.

The kit has a capacity for shipping up to 10 intact sign faces.   (1 double-sided sign = 2 sign faces.)  If you think that your signs may be damaged or leaking, please contact customer service at 505-888-9392.

Pricing is for any location in the lower 48 United States.