Download Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

CuriePackSM kits come with the required return shipping label and UPS bill of lading.   The labels here are for use when you are purchasing self-ship recycling services and not using a CuriePackSM  kit.

Please purchase your recycling services on the Pricing and Purchase page and then print out the label(s) using the shipping method of your choice:  UPS or US Postal Service.

For  your convenience you can print and affix the labels to your package, or you can print the identical information on your package.

  • To ship via UPS – Ground, please print this label.  Note: Effective January 2017, the size of the UN2911 marking is required to be 0.25″ high pursuant the the Department of Transportation (DOT).  Please reprint the label at an increased size to comply with this requirement or simply mark through the old UN2911 marking and hand write UN2911 to be at least 0.25″ high.
Never ship by air unless you are IATA trained.