Tritium Consumer Self-Luminous Articles (including but not limited to gun sights & scopes, map readers, knives, compasses and watches)



**Please note this item is for the recycling services only.  The return kit and shipping are sold separately.**

Tritium (H-3) Consumer Article Recycling: H-3 consumer articles (including but not limited to gun sights & scopes, map readers, knives and compasses) contain a gas called tritium (H-3) that provides illumination inside the article.  The tritium is sealed in glass micro-ampules inside the article.  The articles are very durable and are manufactured to contain the tritium which has a 12.3 year half-life.  These articles are manufactured under a NRC exempt distribution license which allows members of the public to possess the articles without a radioactive materials license.   With time, the article will not be as bright and requires replacement and end-of-life management of the H-3 micro-ampule.

PLEASE NOTE: An inventory must be sent for approval prior to returning this kit.  The inventory must include the manufacturer, model (if known) and type of article. A three dot gun site is considered one article. The micro-ampules must be in good condition and not broken or damaged.  If you suspect the micro-ampule is broken or damaged, do not ship and contact Curie Customer service. Do not attempt to remove micro-ampules from an article.

The NRC does not authorize manufacture and distribution of toys or frivolous adornments (e.g. key chains and toys).  Although these devices may be legal to manufacture and distribute in the EU and Asia, they are not considered NRC exempt distribution articles.  Curie may accept these articles for recycling in accordance with our radioactive materials license but they must be managed separately. Contact Curie customer service for additional requirements and pricing.

A Certificate of Transfer and Recycling will be provided after receipt and processing.